• I met Peter several years ago over lunch in Buckhead. Our conversation was very engaging. He proved to be quite knowledgeable on HR issues. Primus hired him for a 3-6 month deep dive of our operations. It was the best money Primus has ever spent. His attention to detail and extensive knowledge go way beyond his HR specialty. I found his insights second to none. He helped me and my executive team make better decisions.

    Richard O’Connell CEO Primus Builders, Inc.
  • Today is my last day as CEO of Registry Partners and I wanted to take the time to thank you for the support, friendship, and advice you so freely gave during the last 18 months.  Without your assistance I don’t believe I could have stayed the course and brought the company to where we needed to be for me to make the life change I needed.  I am forever grateful.

    Donna Reynolds Founder & CEO RegistryPartners
  • Peter served as our HR advisor while my newly purchased company was getting off the ground.  Peter was invaluable in helping us navigate the maze of State and Federal HR regulations.  He also deftly guided us through some sticky personnel situations – and was instrumental in authoring our employee policy handbook.  Peter is thorough, thoughtful, and up to date on all things HR!  What especially helped us was his practical calm approach, his knowledge of human nature and his sensitivity to organizational nuances.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him without reservation to any business owner or CEO.

    Dave Fitzgerald CEO / FITZCO
  • I’ve relied on Peter’s experience, professionalism, and thoroughness for several sticky matters. I’m comfortable turning over even my most valuable client’s issue to him, and am confident we’ll receive well-reasoned, well-supported, and objective feedback, and in a timely manner. He makes it easy to engage his service and his responsiveness is top-notch. He’s one of our most important resources, especially when it comes to investigating employee complaints for our clients.

    Todd Stanton Principal, Stanton Law LLC
  • I have known and worked with Peter Rosen since the mid-1980s, including in situations where Peter’s role was to conduct an internal investigation at the request of an employer.  Peter is everything you want in an investigator: thorough, discrete, careful, and insightful.   Peter is excellent in getting witnesses to open up to him.  His legal training is another big plus.   I recommend him without reservation.

    John F. Wymer, III Sherman & Howard
  • I highly recommend Pete Rosen for workplace-related investigations.  I have retained Peter to conduct investigations for three of my very valued clients.  Each time, he quickly grasped complicated fact scenarios, narrowed down and identified the central issues, made insightful findings, and provided helpful recommendations that led to not only good resolutions, but also improvements to my clients’ personnel operations.  My clients and I were impressed with his ability to grasp complex issues and identify ways for all parties to move forward.  I always recommend Peter to my clients and colleagues, and I will use his investigative expertise in the future.

    Matt Gilligan Hall, Arbery, Gilligan, Roberts & Shanlever LLP
  • Thank you again for sharing your insights, wisdom, & experience as I begin this new journey as a consultant. Thank you for sharing, thank you for your generosity and openness with your time and thoughts. I am grateful to be able to consider you a mentor and friend.

    Rusty HR Consultant
  • Peter and I have worked together as executive colleagues, CEO and VP HR and as him being an advisor to my company. He has been such an asset because of his combo HR and legal background, his humanistic but realistic counseling and his ability to address conflicts that require a delicate hand.

    President, Revolution Technologies
  • Peter helped me as a new business owner to develop an interview process that has helped me grow my business and reduce turnover.  After working with Peter I feel confident in being able to conduct a meaningful interview.

    President, APN Group
  • As a small business owner I have turned to Peter to help me with very sensitive issues. He has delivered every time. Easy to talk to and very practical.

    Owner, Cooper Piano

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